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The best way to get a head in accounting.

Learn the language of business better, faster, and more easily than any university class or online course available.

Expert education, professional presentation.

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Cabezoa is for the success minded

Hate your accounting class? We can teach you. Not a student? Not a problem. Our courses are modeled after college-level curriculum and are meant for anyone wanting to get ahead in accounting - whether in academia or the business world.

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You know, Harvard Business School doesn’t teach accounting anymore, because there’s a guy out of BYU whose online accounting course is so good. He is extraordinary, and our accounting faculty, on average, is average. Some [universities] will survive. Most will evolve hybrid models, in which universities license some courses from an online provider...but then provide more specialized
courses in person.

Clay Christensen
Cabezoa is fast & easy

Learn accounting at your
own pace, wherever you are.
With Cabezoa, you can speed-up
or slow-down lessons to the speed
at which you learn best.

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Your ticket to a colossalcranium

Download Cabezoa and experience the mental mastery of accounting. But be careful -- world domination can lead to a big head.

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Massive Content

With 41 lessons, 80 hours+ of audio and video, 400+ quiz questions, dozens of video problems walk throughs, we have the most comprehensive and in depth course ever produced. Oh and we added a full 1000 page textbook just to top it off.

#1 University

This course is produced and used at BYU which is was ranked as the #1 accounting university in the world by London Financial Times. We used the best studios, instructional designers, and professors to deliver the best product available today.

Immersive Engagement

With speed-adjustable video and 25,000+ synchronized graphics, cross linked glossary, our course is the most immersive product ever produced in accounting education. Students only learn when they are engaged.

Cemented Learning

Bottom Line: Our software enables students to actually learn accounting on their own. They learn and retain all the concepts better and more efficiently than by any other learning process. Think how incredible that actually is.

“The Harvard Business School doesn’t teach entry-level accounting anymore, because [this] online accounting course ‘is just so good’ that Harvard students use that instead. When outstanding becomes so easily available, average is over.


Clayton Christensen
Harvard Professor – NY Times Bestselling Author

Designed for Three Types of Students


We designed our software to address the specific needs of three types of students. Please contact us and let us share the specific details how we can implement our software into your course.


Designed for first year MBA students who need to get up to speed with financial and managerial accounting quickly and efficiently. This is the approach Harvard takes with its students. Contact us and we can give you the details of this model.


Use this software like BYU has done for many years with its undergraduate students. The software far surpasses the traditional textbook with follow up lecture. Contact us and we can give you the details of this model.


An obvious application for our software is for online school. It’s a homerun to say the least. Online students LOVE this software over the traditional and impossible to fully understand textbook. WGU for instance has enrolled tens of thousands of users with awesome success.