What is Cabezoa?

At Cabezoa we give people giant noggins with accounting education. It’s the natural outcome of using the best learning tools available today. Fill your head with our renowned accounting and small business course.


Who is this software designed for?

There are several types of people that will find this software especially helpful.

  • Online Schools who need a product that actually teaches your online students. We are with one of the largest online schools in the country and their students actually learn accounting with our software. Its nearly impossible for students to learn accounting with a textbook, and we all know it. Our software will teach your online students better than any product, guaranteed.
  • Instructors who would prefer to actually use a product that actually teaches accounting. The fact is the best textbook in the world cannot teach accounting effectively enough to make much of an impact on a student’s education and we all know it. Imagine your students coming to class actually understanding the day’s accounting topic… think what you could do with clastime
  • Students who are stuck in an accounting course at some university or college and are LOST. We can help you find your way with clear explanations.
  • Individuals who want to learn how finances work in the real world. Should you buy or lease car? Should you buy or sell this stock? Be financially savvy with this course.



Who made these courses?

We worked with Brigham Young University to develop these courses. BYU is rated as the #1 accounting university in the world. These courses are the gold standard for accounting instruction.



How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing page



How do I know this is quality instruction?

Fair question but we need brag just a little to answer the question properly. We designed this software as a collaborate effort with the #1 accounting university in the USA and #1 in the WORLD (rated by the London Financial Times). Its recommended by Harvard for its incoming MBA students who have not had an accounting course. This is the best learning resource of its kind on the planet. Looking for something better will only be a waste of your time.


I am taking an accounting course and am having a hard time. Can this software help me?

Yes, that’s why we are making this course available in the App Store. Let’s face it, virtually all accounting courses at every college or university on the planet STINKS. We know how mind numbing boring it can be. At the university that helped us develop this software, this course continues to be one of the most popular on campus. Why? Because we teach students how accounting helps them become business decision makers. Its not about bean counting, its about, understanding information, leadership, and making decisions. That is why people love our course.


What concepts do you cover in your accounting software?

We cover all concepts typically taught in introductory financial and managerial accounting. Look at the Features page for specific information.